The SAT is a standardized test that students are required to take in order to apply for college. If you’re like me and your SAT scores have been a little underwhelming, you might be in need of test prep — and I’m here to help. In just an hour or two each week, depending on what you learn, these hacks can help your score skyrocket! The best part? These SAT prep hacks are all free! So why not start today?

1. Hack: Use a practice test!

2. Hack: Get a better score on the SAT crazy fast!

3. Hack: Do tons of practice problems from your phone!

4. Hack: Use a free app that can help you improve your math, critical reading, and writing skills all at once!

5. Hack: Use Striiv to test how much you’ve improved over time!

6. Hack: Try these 30 minute, 3-minute tricks to take care of the dreaded last three minutes of any timed test (and 1 minute)! 

SAT prep is the best form of education that you can get. It helps you learn how to think and how to solve problems, both of which are important to your future. Most people don’t really know what they want out of life until they’re in their mid-twenties — which is why it’s so important to explore all your options. 

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