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I like to say that if you read the internet you are guaranteed to find someone that has a website, Facebook page, Twitter account and/or blog. Some of these individuals are just trying to make money online, and they post the same exact type of content time after time, but in a much more personal way. That is the kind of person I refer to as a marketer.

I agree that it is important to have a personal blog or website for your business, especially if you are a marketer. However, I also think that having a personal website is not enough. If you aren’t in the business of making money, a personal website is simply not going to work. You need to be in the business of making money.

It is easy to get caught up in the allure of the big-name brands and the many “internet marketing” opportunities that have come to exist on the web. But we need to ask ourselves if we really want to be that person that spends months and months building a big-name website and never gets paid for it. Most of the time, that person would be much happier if they simply built a smaller website with a blog and a few images.

The key to making money is to create a business from scratch, so if you’re not getting paid to build your own website, then it’s probably likely you’re wasting your time.

At the same time, the majority of website creators are getting paid for other people to build their websites. If you don’t get paid, you’ve probably earned the right to complain.

The issue most people have with websites is that most of them don’t pay their users. People who run websites get no payment for their website (they cant afford to pay themselves), and people who are building websites often have their own website but do not have a website of their own (you dont have to be a webmaster to build a site, you just have to be capable of creating a website).

I think there is one legitimate difference between building a website and hosting a website, and that is the cost. Hosting your own website is free and you are often able to build it yourself. To build a website you have to pay for domain hosts, hosting, css, jquery, and other little things that are not always free.

I am a little bit biased because I have done a ton of website building. I had always planned to work at a web design and development firm when I graduated from college, but I ended up going to grad school at Columbia University instead. I ended up working with a lot of really good people, but I was a bit slow to learn about the whole website building process.

Back in the day, websites were built in a very different way. With the advent of computers, it was a lot easier to build a website because there was no need for the coding. You could just use a word processing program to do much of the work. But when it came to building websites the way that web designers make them, it was still a lot more complicated.

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